Riches, McKenzie & Herbert LLP, founded in 1887, is a law firm specializing in the practice of Intellectual Property. As a result of its practice, confidential information is provided to the Firm to enable it to service its clients. That confidential information as well as all other information relating to the businesses of our clients is maintained under high standards of confidentiality and we are committed to maintain the privacy of our clients and the confidentiality of all the information disclosed to us.

All personal and private information received by the Firm is held in strict confidence and is not revealed to anyone unless expressly or implicitly authorized by the person or organization concerned.

We also wish to advise you that all personal and business information with respect to our clients, including their identity is also protected by our professional obligations as lawyers.

It is our intention to collect only such information from individuals or organizations as is required for the purposes of providing our services to them. We do not sell, trade, barter or exchange any information obtained, including and especially any information obtained in the course of professional relationships. We also strive to maintain the accuracy of any information in our possession on pending or active matters. On files relating to issued patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and related litigation, we do not update the files themselves but we do update all our databases relating to these files.

No information is retained with respect to any visitor to our web site. No information is required from visitors and no information is retained by any active or passive means.

Please do not hesitate to contact any partner should you wish to discuss this issue.

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